Membership at the Woodfords Club

In September 1913, a unique association of gentlemen was organized as a social club at 179 Woodford Street in Portland, Maine. Woodfords Club now welcomes men and women from all walks of life to relax in a comfortable setting to build rapport and goodwill between friends. The club offers a wide variety of social activities ranging from cribbage, bridge, billiards, bowling, and golf to simply enjoying a good meal together once a week followed by programs that are both informative and entertaining.

Join us for dinner and a show. Get away from the world of electronic communication and spend quality time face to face with your friends and family.

Learn More About Membership

Woodfords Club welcomes members to share in the traditions of this historic 100-year-old organization. For information about Woodfords Club membership, activities, meetings, venues, and events, please contact the club at (207) 772-4893.

Woodfords Club Portland Maine

Woodfords Club Meetings

Beginning with the first Friday in October and continuing through the last Friday in April, Friday Night Dinners are held weekly in the same clubrooms built in 1913. Family style meals (currently just $15.00) are prepared by our caterer in the club’s fully equipped kitchen and served by fellow members. Following dinner, we typically have a program of speakers or entertainers ranging from
legislators to historians, to local musicians, authors and singers.


Membership & Member Responsibilities

Applications may be made at any time, accompanied by a $20 application fee, by anyone at least 21 years of age. Members are responsible for observing the club rules (e.g. no alcohol without a licensed caterer, no posting of advertising in the clubhouse), prompt payment of semi-annual dues (currently $75.00) and occasionally waiting on tables during the Friday evening meal. Members volunteer to support the club with committee or service work. Friends or family members may participate in clubhouse activities when accompanied by a member and attend Friday dinners as occasional guests. Discounted memberships are available for households with multiple adults.

Upcoming Friday Night Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.