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Woodfords Club

Our History

The Woodfords Club was organized on September 19, 1913 as a social club. The clubhouse was formally opened on January 13, 1914. The club's crest is an adaptation of the crest of the prominent and respected Woodford family, who, in the early nineteenth century, had settled in what is now the Woodfords district of Portland. Membership originally comprised conservative businessmen from Portland. The clubhouse was expanded in 1923 to accommodate an increasing membership. Although the membership ceiling had been increased from 300 to 325 and later to 500, a waiting list for membership, sometimes several years long, was not uncommon.

The Woodfords Club Today

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Current Membership

Regular membership now is open to men and women. Partners of members may become associate members. Currently, dues are $150 per year for regular members and $75 per year for associate members. Meal cost for members and their guests at club functions is $14 and reservations before Thursday are appreciated.

Friday night dinner at Woodfords Club members

Friday Nights

Our members enjoy excellent camaraderie and we would love to have you join us. Just come to our Friday evening family-style dinners, enjoy a half-hour of entertainment or listen to a guest speaker, and join us for bowling, pool, billiards, cribbage, and bridge afterwards. The Woodfords Club is a great place to relax and socialize on a Friday night.

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The Woodfords Club is governed by a Board of Governors elected from the membership. The Board then elects officers from the membership. The current officers are:

Carol K Chipman, President:  president@woodfordsclub.org

Roberta Cope, Vice President: bcope@maine.rr.com

Don Bouwens, Secretary: dbouwens@maine.rr.com

Nora Charles, Treasurer: noralcharles@yahoo.com

Paul Aranson, Past President: housolaw@gmail.com

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Interested in Membership?

The Woodfords Club is an affordable, historic and inclusive social club in Portland, Maine. Read more about Woodfords Club membership or contact the club at (207) 772-4893.